ConverSAFEtions with Safeopedia and Yellowbird

The topic for this ConverSAFEtion is Upskilling

About This ConverSAFEtion

Join our first virtual roundtable ConverSAFEtions with Safeopedia + YellowBird on September 29th, 2022, at 6:30 ET exclusively for Environmental Health and Safety Professionals. 

Along with special guest speakers Jeff Dalto and Olufunke Osaigbovo will discuss how you can benefit from “upskilling” to unleash and advance your career potential. 

With open discussions and questions, we will focus on what skills could be most beneficial if upskilled, why these skills may be important in specific industries, and how you can use your tools and resources to move forward with upskilling. 

These events are free for all EHS Professionals that are a part of Safeopedia, and YellowBird networks, and will be hosted through Zoom.

About Our Guest 
Jeff Dalto

Jeff is instructional designer interested in learning & development, HPI, and performance improvement. He's worked for 30 years in jobs related to education and corporate L&D, including roles as content developer, curriculum designer, instructional designer, technical writer, learning management system administrator trainer, and elearning storyboarder, as well as creating content marketing on issues related to training, learning & development, evidence-based training practices, safety/EHS training, and safety management, including HOP, Safety Differently, Safety-II, and Resilience Engineering.

About Our Guest 
Olufunke Osaigbovo

Olufunke is a seasoned EHS professional. She is a generalist having run an EHS consulting firm in Nigeria. She has over 25 years experience both in the US and in Nigeria, most of which are in manufacturing sector compliance. She is experienced in designing and building EHS Management Systems from the ground up and improving existing ones. She has written several EHS Audit reports, Assessments, and Environmental Impact Assessments. She has also participated in several studies, one of which, established the Lagos State EPA and it’s standard limits (Nigeria).

Join The ConverSAFEtion

Date: September 29th, 2022

Time: 6:30pm ET 

Duration: 1 Hour

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